проф. д-р Пламен Граматиков

Email: psgramat swu.bg

НАЦИД: Професор по 5.4. Енергетика (Енергийна ефективност и енергиен мениджмънт). Проф. д-р инж. Пламен Граматиков е напуснал ЮЗУ на 29.06.2020 г.; NACID (Register of Academic Staff and Dissertations): Full Professor of 5.4. Energetics (Energy efficiency and energy management) at the European Polytechnical University (Part of the Pegaso University in Naples, Italy), Green Energetics Dept. Prof. Gramatikov left the SWU on June 29, 2020 and continues to work on many of his international energy efficiency projects.